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Date 2017-09-07.00:31:09
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The updated PR fully resolves the synchronous CM case by switching to using threading.Lock as the test CM (as per Nathaniel's original suggestion). Without that, the pending exception was being processed as soon as __exit__() started running, so the test failed due to the lack of signal safety in the test CM itself.

For the asynchronous case, Greg and I aren't seeing any way to resolve the situation without somehow making the pending call processing event loop aware - otherwise even if the current frame postpones dealing with the pending call, it will still get processed as soon as YIELD_FROM returns control to the asyncio event loop. The one thing we think may work is to provide a way for asyncio (et al) to configure a thread such that all pending calls are routed to the thread's event loop for handling, rather than being processed directly by the eval loop.
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