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Date 2017-09-05.23:30:45
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On Sep 5, 2017, at 16:07, STINNER Victor <> wrote:
> STINNER Victor added the comment:
>> Neither gcc (macOS, Ubuntu), nor clang (Ubuntu) complain.
> Ok, cool. In that case, go ahead.

I checked with @steve.dower and I think abort() will work on MSVC too.  He did have the idea to #define it to `Py_FatalError(“some message”); abort();` but since the former calls the latter we could get warnings that the second abort() isn’t reachable.

I say we start with abort() as the expansion and go from there.  Since it’s a macro it’s easy to redefine if you want to crank up debugging, add a breakpoint, add __LINE__ and __FILE__ or need something special for some particular compiler.
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