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Date 2017-09-05.23:24:41
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Currently, Travis CI has a job running tests on macOS. Sadly, there is a bug on Travis: *sometimes*, the macOS job blocks a Pull Request to be merged even if macOS is marked as "Allowed Failure". If you cancel the job, it's even worse: Travis CI is marked a failed and the PR cannot be merged.

I tried to cancel the build and restart it, but 2 hours later, the macOS job was still queued and I was still unable to merge my PR.

We cannot work around the Travis CI issue. We are getting more and more pull requests, especially this week with the CPython sprint, so the macOS queue is getting even longer.

I discussed the issue with Zachary Ware and we agreed to "disable" ("remove" in practice) the macOS job for this week, and rely on the macOS buildbots instead.

We have 3 macOS buildbots (x86 Tiger 3.x, x86-64 El Capitan 3.x, x86-64 Sierra 3.x) and I worked hard last months to get buildbots green. So we should be quickly notified of failures. There is now the buildbot-status mailing list for this purpose!

I already reported the issue twice on python-committers mailing list in June and September (this year):

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