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Date 2017-08-23.10:45:31
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There are some failing tests remaining, and I want to discuss about
some of them here.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/inada-n/work/python/nodebug/Lib/test/", line 261, in test_pop
    self.assertEqual(m.pop('a', default=6), 6)
TypeError: pop() takes no keyword arguments

dict.pop doesn't take keyword argument.
Since OrderedDict is pure Python at first, C implementation of
OrderedDict.pop() takes keyword too.
May I change `dict.pop()` to take keyword too. It reduce odict
specific method.

Some test expect KeyError in some edge cases.
But new implementation behaves differently.
For example,

    def test_dict_delitem(self):
        OrderedDict = self.OrderedDict
        od = OrderedDict()
        od['spam'] = 1
        od['ham'] = 2
        dict.__delitem__(od, 'spam')
        with self.assertRaises(KeyError):

Since current implementation uses linked list, it raises KeyError.
But this is totally OK for new C implementation.


Personally speaking, I want to stop keeping compatibility with pure Python
Is it possible to make "builtin _collections.OrderedDict" as requirement for
all Python 3.7 implementations and remove pure Python implementation stdlib?
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