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Bug is not in Python? Then where? Windows?

- I assume that the alt menu shortcuts work...
- NO! And I've written that before as well! Alt + combinations don't work neither with 


- Does it affect all Cyrillic IMEs?
- Yes, I've written that before already - shortcuts don't work neither with Ukrainian, nor 

with Russian
- If so, do different cyrillic keyboards have the the alphabetic chars in different 

places, so that a separate workaround is needed for every IME, even for letter chars?
- Yes and no. Most letters in different cyrillic alphabets are the same, so they have the 

same place on the keyboard(as well as the same encoding), but some of them are different, 

so in different IMEs same key gives different letter.
For instance English 's' in Ukrainian is 'і' and in Russian is 'ы'. But English 'c' is in 

both Ukrainian and Russian 'с' (looks the same, has different encoding then English, but 

has same encoding for Ukrainian and Russian).
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