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Date 2017-08-21.12:03:49
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Hi there.
Thank you for Python, I love this programming language.

I've found a bug with shortcuts. I'm from Ukraine, so I'm working with English, Ukrainian and Russian languages. But any shortcuts, where alphabet is involved (like Ctrl+Z, Ctrl+F, Ctrl+V and so on) work only when English is turned on. This is quite inconvenient. It's possible to work with it, but still confusing, because you can select something in IDLE, copy it with shortcut Ctrl+C, then try to paste it to another place and then you find out that it wasn't copied, because active language is Ukrainian. So you need to switch to English and repeat everything again.

I'm currently working with Python 3.6.1, Windows 8.1 Embedded enterprize x64.
Also I've noticed the same under Windows 7, Windows 10 in different versions of Python.
I believe there where Python 2.7, 2.11, 3.4, 3.5. Not sure about all the versions exectly, but for sure shortcuts worked the same in all the versions I've ever tried to use.

I hope this was helpful and I'm sure many developers, that work not only with English would be really happy if you would fix this.

Thanks again for your time and effort.
Best regards, Constantine.
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