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Arfrever: nice catch!

Inda: What do you think? Any preference between "日本語", "Japanese", and  "日本語 (Japanese)"?

I personally don't like much the "日本語 (Japanese)" version, but I don't care much between "French" and "Français" as they're using the same alphabet.

Maybe displaying "日本語" instead of "Japanese" show more commitment into translations? Like displaying "Japanese" meaning "OK we translated, but not everything, starting by your language".

Another solution would be to translate each languages in each languages, and display "Anglais, Japonais, Français" in the french translation, "English, Japanese, French" in the english one, and so on…

I think I prefer to display languages in their own language, so "English, "Français", "日本語" for me.
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