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Author gwk
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Date 2017-08-08.01:36:58
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I've updated the patch and I think it's ready for a more serious review. A few notes:

* settracestate now takes a flag `trace_instructions`. This describes slightly better the behavior, which is that line events take precedence over instructions.

* the old gettrace now raises when `trace_instructions` was set, to prevent silent failure of the old idiom `saved = gettrace(); ... settrace(saved)`.

* gettracestate returns a dictionary, which can be passed to settracestate as kwargs. This allows for a replacement idiom `saved = gettracestate(); ... settracestate(**saved)` which should be forward-compatible with any flags we might add in the future.

The patch can be viewed here:

Let me know if I should open up an official PR. Also I just filled out the CLA.
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