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Author rhettinger
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Date 2017-08-02.05:12:43
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[R David Murray]
> So I vote -0.5.

Put me down for a full -1:

* This would be a potentially  confusing addition to the API.

* It may also encourage bad practices that we don't want to see in real code. 

* We want to be able to search for the namedtuple definition, want to have a meaningful repr, and want pickling to be easy.

* This doesn't have to be shoe-horned into the namedtuple API.  If an actual need did arise, it is trivial to write a wrapper that specifies whatever auto-naming logic happens to make sense for a particular application:

    >>> from collections import namedtuple
    >>> def auto_namedtuple(*attrnames, **kwargs):
            typename = '_'.join(attrnames)
            return namedtuple(typename, attrnames, **kwargs)

    >>> NT = auto_namedtuple('name', 'rank', 'serial')
    >>> print(NT.__doc__)
    name_rank_serial(name, rank, serial)
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