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Date 2017-07-30.05:53:57
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Now that we know what we are doing, we can simplify the steps.  These assume that #21004, PR2905, which prepares create_widgets and fixes the GeneralTest that was broken by Notebook, has been merged.

For configdialog:
* copy general block after FontPage;
* add 'class GenPage(Frame):' and def __init__ modeled on FontPage.__init__, but no highlight parameter;
* replace 'frame = dialog.tabpages...' at top of create_page_general with 'frame = self';
* comment out old code;
* in create_widgets change 'self.create_page_general' to 'GenPage(note)'.

For test_configdialog:
* change 'GeneralTest' to 'GenPageTest
* change setUpClass similarly as in FontPageTest;
* change test functions similarly as in FontPageTest and otherwise as needed to keep tests passing.
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