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Date 2017-07-30.00:15:27
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I'm pushing step 2 with an error in the test.  It's on the keydown in test_fontlist_key.  I just didn't want to hold you up from looking at the rest of it because of one test.

I did run into a bunch of other issues/questions while doing this.  I didn't add tracers.attach() to the FontPage class.  So, I had to call it in the FontPageTest.  Well, I then also added a detach so it wouldn't carry to the other tests and of course all the other tests broke.  So, I added setup/teardown of tracers in all the test classes.  I don't know if that was the right way to go or if adding tracers.attach to FontPage and then just leaving everything attached would be ok.

Also, I tried to minimize the change from `d=dialog` to `d =`, so I kept the name `d`.

Adding set_samples to load_font_cfg upped the called count to 4 in test_load_font_cfg because the tracers are attached when it's called.  I think you mentioned that test needs to be changed with them detached, but I wasn't sure if you wanted that changed now or later.

In FontPage, I tried not to change code yet, so I keep the name `parent` even though `note` will be passed in.
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