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Date 2017-07-29.04:19:31
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I did not try to match the height in that commit.  I wanted to see what would happen if we enlarge the dialog to accommodate more widgets.  It is now about 10% larger.  The highlight sample looks better with a bit more room.  The font sample works better in that the box does not expand until it has to.  The total size does not change.

Focus traversal has been neglected on C.D., which is a bit of a bug.  On the original, the focus disappears and comes back.  On the notebook it visibly cycles around one tab, including the tab.  I changed takefocus to True for fontlist and helplist.

When focus is on a tab, Left and Right change tabs.  With the enable call, Cntl_Tab and Cntl-Shift-Tab always work to change tabs.

I decided to push this in spite of the test problem.  It is easy to check that helplist clicking work on htest.  Maybe fixing up and down on helplist, as done with fontlist, will somehow help.  This is a usability bug, not a test bug. I should make the boxes identical before giving up.
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