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Date 2017-07-28.05:05:15
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I may have changed the Font group since the copy was made.  So unless merges since are carefully checked, the configdialog part of Step 1 should be redone.  I think the latter would be easier.

Since #30853 might be merged tomorrow, I will 'freeze' the font/indent code unless I hear otherwise, or there is an unexpected delay.  When this is merged, I will do the same for the general part.  And so on.

In Step 2, delete 'Modify code as desired.' I must have forgotten the synchonization problem.  We don't want to modify the copy until it can be htested.  As soon as the copy *is* changed, the original is no longer a complete backup.

I thought of saying that FontPage should subclass Frame, like we have done before.  But TabbedPageSet creates a Frame for each page name.  So ConfigDialog, the only user, is expected to pass names, then retrieve the blank frames to fill in.  We could change that, but not now unless we really need to.  It should be possible to replace the blank frame, but there are at least two references to replace.
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