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Date 2017-07-26.20:26:37
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Fix bugs and enhance the page.

The three little frames are too much, and in the wrong order. Proposal:

Window to open at startup:   O Shell     O Editor
Initial size:                Width [_]   Height []
When run code in editor: ... (see bpo-19042 for possible change)

This compression will make room for former extension options (#27099). 

Tk variable startup_editor should be BooleanVar.

Size vars should be IntVars.  Accepting *and saving* 'nonsense' as a size is a bug (idlfConf issues a warning when reading).  Sizes should be at least 1.  Changing to spinbox would ensure this.  Or validate entry on each char (only accept ascii digits).

For helplist, Up and Down keys move selection indicator but *do not move the internal selection*.  Delete key deletes the internal selection, not the item highlighted.  Fix should be similar to fix for fontlist.
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