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Date 2017-07-21.09:13:03
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Utkarsh comment on the PR:
> I'm afraid I don't really know how to read the waterfall chart at

Yeah, sorry about this awful view :-) We now have a mailing list getting notifications when a buildbot fails:

We got two new failures since yesterday on Windows buildbots, but it's related to IDLE and so unrelated to your change. So a quick check says that test_datetime doesn't time out anymore!

Previously, the test failed on a few buildbots. I checked the test output to look if test_datetime became the new slowest test and ... no. For example, on PPC64 Fedora 3.x, test_datetime is not even listed in the "10 slowest tests", which means that it took 36 sec or less, whereas the test took longer than 15 minutes when tzdata was used.

IMHO you can already cook a first backport for 3.6, but I would prefer to wait another day just to make sure to everything is fine (to wait for new buildbot builds).
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