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IIRC, the original motivation for ABCs was to differentiate distinct uses of __getitem__ (we forever struggled with differentiating sequences from mapping).  It seems to me that this proposal is a step backwards.  Other than a feeling of lightness, I don't think this proposal does anything for us.  What is point of knowing an object is Subscriptable without knowing how it is to be used.

The OP has a sense that Mapping and Sequence are "too heavy" but I think the reality that useful classes almost never use __getitem__ in isolation; rather, it is part of a small constellation of methods that are typically used together.  I would prefer that continue to reflect that reality.

Also, I worry that is becoming cluttered.  The existence of use ABCs like MutableMapping is being drowned-out by one-trick-ponies.  We're developing an unfavorable ratio of theoretical building blocks versus the practical tools.
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