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Date 2017-07-18.21:17:58
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#define XxoObject_Check(v)      (Py_TYPE(v) == Xxo_Type)

assumes that the type cannot be subclassed, but does not say so.  Since this is demo code, it would be better to use something like decimal:

#define PyDec_CheckExact(v) (Py_TYPE(v) == &PyDec_Type)
#define PyDec_Check(v) PyObject_TypeCheck(v, &PyDec_Type)

I *believe* (but haven't verified) that would be:

#define XxoObject_CheckExact(v) (Py_TYPE(v) == &Xxo_Type)
#define XxoObject_Check(v) PyObject_TypeCheck(v, &Xxo_Type)
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