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Date 2017-07-17.14:36:42
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The convenience assertion methods on mock objects can be easily mistyped and if they are mistyped, they will silently pass.  This can be quite user-hostile.  Consider the following:

>>> example = Mock()
>>> example.assert_called_once()
>>> example.assert_caled_once_with(...)

This will not raise any exceptions, though the first feels natural and the latter is misspelt.  To avoid using the methods, one can type:

>>> example = Mock()
>>> assert example.call_count == 1
>>> assert example.call_args_list == [call(...)]

but the meaning of that latter statement is particularly non-obvious.  Instead, it would be great if I could import the assertions from mock as functions, and call them with mock as the first argument:

>>> from unittest.mock import assert_called_once  # This will be an ImportError
>>> example = Mock()
>>> assert_caled_once_with(example, ...)  # A NameError
>>> assert_called_once_with(example, ...)  # Great success!
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