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Date 2017-07-17.10:23:10
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Hi Louie,

1) no, I definitely used the right installer

2) BitDefender also interferes often when I compile Go programs

So, in the end it is a real pain in the neck and I deinstalled it.
Maybe other people can live with it, but it has cost me a lot of time in
this case and also when developing / compiling other PL's.

Still it would be nice if a warning could be placed on the download page
(maybe in general to disable AV when installing).


2017-07-17 11:59 GMT+02:00 Louie Lu <>:

> Louie Lu added the comment:
> I think BitDefender has some option like "disable 10 mins"? You may
> disable your antivirus when you are install something you be sure that is
> trustworthy.
> Or maybe BitDefender is right, you download a wrong .msi from other place
> that has been insert something bad, check about md5 about the installer
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