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I changed the title again to reflect the actual discussion.  #25036 (and #30784) are about extracting an editor component that can be put on a tab.  #25032 is about making a top-level with menu that is not tied to a single editor.  This issue should stick to tabbed pages.  

It seems that Notebook would be more suited to the config dialog with a fixed small number of tabs (now 5, possibly 6).  I will look at Notebook to see if it is worth using it for the dialog, so as to match ttk widgets on the tabs. For editor windows, this is not a concern.  I will see, though, if there is anything worth copying for the main tabbed pages. 

To identify specific issues for designing a custom tabs set, I looked at Marks pngs, Firefox, Thunderbird, Notepad++, and TortoiseHg Workbench.

* Tab shape: I seem to remember top rounded corners imitating standard American paper file folder tabs.  This appears to have gone out of style. Rectangles are in.

* Active versus Dormant: there should be a visually obvious difference. Bonus points is one can tell which is which when there are only two tabs.  Typical choices are white versus gray or white verson color (such as blue).  The two grays in the pngs are too close for me.  Firefox themes can also make the difference too small.

* Close button: Usually always present as X.  Background can match tab background or not.  Shape of background can be circle or square (possible rounded). On Windows, standard is right end of tab.  Is it opposite on Mac? Notepad++ omits, I presume to avoid space wastage.  Adding on mouseover is an interesting idea; I want to see how it feels in actual use.

* Mouse over tab: Full tab name appears in tool tip.  For editor, this is full path for file.  Dormant tabs should change appearance.  The result for the 'in-between state should look 'in-between' and not somehow look less like active.

* Mouse over close: Background changes color, exposing shape if hidden.

* Over-crowding: tabs may start same size or adjust for file name.  Tabs may shrink horizontally to a minimum or not.  When tabs collectively do not fit, a tab or tabs with < and > appearing seems normal.  Firefox puts them at opposite ends of the tab bar.  Notepad++ together to the right.  This is better for scanning back and forth.  A dropdown list is an interesting idea, again to be tried out.

* Tab context menu: always different from that of the page.  Contents of each vary.

* New tab button: Open empty editor file.

Possible enhancement after basic work is done: use the current ttk style to style the future tabbedpages widget.
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