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Hi Cedric, I have been 'considering' for at least 7 years, since the core devs who then cared about IDLE agreed that tabbed windows would be a good idea.  The direst analogy with programming editors with tabs.   Notepad++ is the one I have used.  My impression is that this is pretty standard.

One thing I would not copy from Notepad++ is allowing only one process at a time, and apparently only one tabbed window in the one process.  In intend that IDLE continue to allow multiple processes with multiple windows.  I expect that 'New file' will be replaced with 'New tab' and 'New window', as with FireFox.

I intend that a single window to able to have at least 2 panes.  Look at turtledemo to see what this means. ('python -m turtledemo' or Help => Turtledemo in IDLE.)  Mentally replace the text and canvas with sets of tabbed pages, side by side. In fact, for my large widescreen monitor, I want 3 panes so I can have Shell, file, and test_file visible at once.

I have not yet really considered whether we should use an improved version of IDLE's tabbedpageset, used for configdialog, Mark's replacement, or ttk Notebook.

Also see the discussion on #24826.
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