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Date 2017-07-10.21:50:21
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I did more experiments with DOM (DynamicOptionMenu) and Combobox (CB).  This was partly to evaluate CB as replacement for DOM for font size; partly to consider CB for the font list.   At least by default, both start closed.  Font list should start open. CB has an Entry area, DOM does not.  They get focus by clicking.  Both open with Down or click on Down button.  DOM also opens on Up, not essential. CB adds scrollbar if needed.  DOM?  Needed for font list.  Up and Down move the selection highlight but do not select.  Selection by click and <Return> close the box and generate <<ComboboxSelect>>  This is unlike Listbox where moving highlight generates <<ListboxSelect>>.  #30870 fixed code so that Up and Down, in addition to click, caused sample change.  I want to keep this for font choice and add it for size choice.  For CB, click on Down button closes without changing selection.  For DOM, it does not, a deficiency.
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