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Date 2017-07-07.19:33:45
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fair enough. I'm out with few chances to grab a  computer. I'll be back in
a week with more information.

El 07/07/2017 20:14, "Yury Selivanov" <> escribió:

> Yury Selivanov added the comment:
> I looked at the PR and it looks good. The intent is also clear. But the
> idea of delaying exceptions in StreamReader read methods still feels
> finicky.
> To go forward with this we need more examples than just nodejs. And it
> doesn't really matter what trio and curio do, as they aren't mainstream. We
> need a (set of) *concrete* examples where this is needed.
> An analysis of how this is approached in another mainstream
> libraries/ecosystems like C#, Twisted, etc would also help.
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