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One of the disadvantages with the Exception is that you are relying on
how the events are being succeeded, and this is something that you
can't predict. With just a different delay between the data and the
RST packet and you might get the data in two different ways, either
via a regular read or via one adhoc Exception.

This might be confusing for the developer and will end up with the
second thing that IMHO is also important, the code that has to be
produced by the developer gets complicated.

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 11:29 PM, Yury Selivanov <> wrote:
> Yury Selivanov added the comment:
>> But IMHO the example it's just that an example, if the connection at
> some point was not broken/closed/... and some data came into the
> buffer, this data should be put available for the user.
> In my experience, you never want to recover any data from broken connections.  In cases where it's safe, StreamReader attaches the buffered data to the exception (see IncompleteReadError).
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