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Author terry.reedy
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Date 2017-07-04.23:47:53
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Current htest issues from this and two other issues, notes, and running htests with

(Default master window placement is ok.  Can move.)

h1. At least one test window overlaps the test window. Others are not centered (y-position). Fix by passing _htest and changing geometry accordingly.  Use f-strings.  Develop formula for centering?

(Test messages "might use editing" is too vague.  Ditto for EditorWindow 'might be split'.)

h2. All widgets should be displayed.  A couple of htests test behavior in widgets otherwise displayed, and *these* should be unittested if possible.

h3. Force focus to opened widget window.  Probably still needed.

h4. Putting imports only needed by htest functions in the function is a good idea.  Introducing a regression by mistake is not.  Do this when edit after thorough tests.

h5. # htest # is present on all current htest functions. Check that is documented, including .coveragerc entry.

h6. What is left from #22629 after patch applied?

h7. #27636: incapsulate common features in classes defined in

3 Specific TODOs in

h8. Improve message for dyn_option_menu.

h9. Improve wrapper for EditorWindow.

h10. Update GetKeysDialog test now that #21519 closed.

h11. My note: Get keys dialog prints blank line to console, something prints 'None'. Check when run all tests.

h12. Test window should show version and module (from __file__).  Make part of #27636.
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