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Date 2017-07-04.12:00:13
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Antoine Pitrou: "shutdown() is not the same thing as close()."

I consider that the bug is similar to socket.close() error, since we also get an exception because the peer closed the connection. It's just the error code which is different.

Antoine Pitrou: "If you want to ignore errors on shutdown() you should open a separate issue (and argument for it, because "I saw the error on the buildbots" is not a sufficient reason IMHO)."

bpo-4473 modified poplib to ignore ENOTCONN on shutdown(), patch by Lorenzo Catucci committed by you :-) Commit d89824b0e2fa9a44b56394a5185de737a6527ea7. Commit 81c87c5e9a81728f4c7b022e3786ce11d53ed3c9 modified impalib to ignore ENOTCONN, commit written and pushed by you ;-)

In the bpo-30329, I modified poplib and imaplib to also ignore WSAEINVAL on shutdown().

I don't see the need to separate socket.close() and socket.shutdown() error handling in two issues.
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