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Date 2017-07-03.08:33:40
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Hmm, I see; I did not know that.

I had just assumed that `./python -m test test_*` was the standard command for running tests.

However, if one does run tests using standalone `datetimetester` (which only imports the _Fast C extension module), then I'll have to rewrite some of the self.skipTest conditions such that they are more defensive, i.e.:

    if '_Pure' not in self.__class__.__name__:

instead of:

    if '_Fast' in self.__class__.__name__:

because some (one?) of the tests fail otherwise.

Shall I make that change?

Also, here is an alternate fix which is a tiny bit less murky than straight up de-duplication of test-classes:

I'm not sure whether this is any clearer or less fragile, though.

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