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Date 2017-07-02.11:44:04
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It might help if you explained why you want to make these changes. Otherwise I have to guess. Is a compromise between strictly rejecting all non-URL characters (not just control characters), versus leaving it up to user applications to validate their URLs?

I guess it could partially prevent some newline injection problems like Issue 29606 (FTP) and Issue 30458 (HTTP). But how do we know it closes more security holes than it opens?

I don’t understand the focus on these three functions. They are undocumented and more-or-less deprecated (Issue 27485). Why not focus on the “urlsplit” and “urlparse” functions first?

Some of the changes seem to go too far, e.g. in the splithost("//hostname/u\nrl") test case, the hostname is fine, but it is not recognized. This would partially conflict the patch in Issue 13359, with proposes to percent-encode newlines after passing through “splithost”. And it would make the URL look like a relative URL, which is a potential security hole and reminds me of the open redirect bug report (Issue 23505).
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