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Date 2017-07-02.03:05:13
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I was trying to think of 2 possible future uses of ViewFrame in addition to current embedding in in ViewWindows: embedded in a tab, and tiled in a panel.  With no window close [X] buttom, the button in a frame will be needed, so I left it.

Since the button is now [Close] rather than [OK], the function should be close rather than ok.

I copied, rather than cut, before pasting and editing.  The Windows button is not needed.  The window ok is for the protocol call, but I don't really know if that is needed.  Tk apps seem to work without it.  I may investigate more someday.  Leave it for now.

By calling window destroy directly, the frame close will survive window close being deleted, but not window close being edited to add other actions.
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