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Author serhiy.storchaka
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Date 2017-06-30.18:46:23
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Don't wait me. I have no preferences and just remind about the Martin's suggestion.

The C code looks cumbersome. It could be made a little simpler if accumulate arguments into a string rather than a list.

    if (GET_TD_SECONDS(self) != 0) {
        Py_SETREF(args, PyUnicode_FromFormat("%U%sseconds=%d",
                                             args, sep, GET_TD_SECONDS(self)));
        if (args == NULL)
            return NULL;
        sep = ", ";

args is initialized by an empty Python string, sep is initialized by "". PyUnicode_Join() at the end is not needed. This would save more than 20 lines.

The code could be simplified even more if use the char buffer(s) and PyOS_snprintf instead of PyUnicode_FromFormat().
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