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Date 2017-06-29.18:28:52
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I went through the e-mail chain discussing the changes in repr again and I have come around to seeing that though Guido was somewhat opposed to the idea of factoring out the minus sign because it would have meant changing the attributes [1], what he really didn't want was perhaps adding attributes in repr which don't exist on the object [2]. Changing to keyword arguments was a 'go', though [3].

Esp. after it has been pointed out how easy it would be do implement, my opposition to the idea of factoring out the negative sign has somewhat come down. Personally, I prefer the current version.

Further, this PR has also come to fix a couple of issues in the testing framework and it is becoming rather unwieldy to throw in doc-string changes into it as well. Hence, after some discussion with @haypo, I think I'll make a separate PR for fixing the docstrings after this PR is merged; there was general consensus that the docstrings should be fixed [4,5]. @haypo has, thankfully, showed me how and where to do that using Argument Clinic, which was the show-stopper the last time [6].

Thoughts and opinions?


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