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Date 2017-06-29.05:46:23
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> I like it because it categorically eliminates the "tracing or not?" global state dependence when it comes to manipulation of the return value of locals() - manipulating that will either always affect the original execution namespace immediately (modules, classes, exec, eval), or always be a completely independent snapshot that can never lead to changes in the original name bindings (functions, generators, coroutines).

Maybe I was unclear...? my question is why you prefer locals-making-a-copy over locals-and-f_locals-for-function-frames-return-proxy-objects. It seems to me that both of these proposals eliminate the "tracing or not?" global state dependence (right?), so this can't be a reason to prefer one over the other. And the latter additionally eliminates the distinction between modules/classes/exec/eval and functions/generators/coroutines, while also avoiding introducing a distinction between locals() and f_locals.
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