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Date 2017-06-28.18:58:13
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Considering that

x = 3
f"{'hello' if x == 3 else 'goodbye'} world"

is a simple, elegant and powerful piece of code that works just as expected by itself, I often find myself stumbling and wondering why
f"text {'\n' if x == 3 else ''} text"

fails horribly just because of the \ within the extra quoted string that must be worked around with ugly code like

nl = "\n"
f"text {nl if x==3 else ''} text"

which really doesn't feel like python at all.

I am aware that the specification for f-strings says "no \ in expressions", but please consider that in this case, the \ is not really part of the expression but rather part of a string that isn't evaluated as part of the expression, which might just as well be referenced to by a variable.
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