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R. David Murray: "If it's a good idea, why close the issue?"

Yesterday I tried to cleanup the list of issues that I opened. I reduced my list from 140 to around 100 issues. I'm happier :-) I don't like having a too long "TODO list".

Sometimes, closing an issue helps to shake up people and it can even unblock an old issue :-)

In this case, I already closed and then reopened the issue, and nothing happened.

The benefit doesn't seem worth it, compared to the risk of backward compatibility issue and the cost of maintaining this new code.

"Maybe post it to core-mentorship instead?  It's not an easy issue, but it also has the beginnings of a patch."

Sorry, but it's very far from an easy issue. It seems like even our existing Windows experts failed to implement the feature in 6 years. I don't expect that any newcomer will success to fix the technical issues, especially if nobody is available to answer to the newcomer questions...

It's not because an issue is closed that the data that it contains is definitevely lost. If someone wants to work on that issue, it will be easy to find this issue using a Google search.

I see open issues as "bugs that must be fixed" or "important missing features", not as an unlimited wishlist. I know that each developer uses a bug tracker differently ;-)

At least, I don't want to the author of such wishlist issue anymore, and I don't want how to change the author of an issue. So I will continue to close it regulary to reduce my list of open issues (that I opened). Again, it's important for me to keep this list as short as possible.
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