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Date 2017-06-28.04:17:11
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If you are suggesting that at least you, Cheryl, and I work together on one 'area' to make fairly rapid, visible, and satisfying progress, I am all for that.  But rather than focus on one of the 5 types of improvements for all components, I would rather focus on multiple improvements of one component.  I think configuration is a good place to start, as it has been a major source of user annoyance.  That is why I and Cheryl have been working on configdialog and config_key, with some help from you, for the last week.  I would like to continue.

The config module also needs attention.  There are 4 issues, 3 with patches, that claim startup problems.  What problems still exist and do the patches solve anything?

There are non-configuration issues blocked on the issue of where to put configuration options on config dialog.

At least some coordination should be on idle-dev.  Have you subscribed yet?
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