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A possible revision of the first paragraph of my opening message.

* Summer 2010: Pydev discussed whether to remove IDLE (too old) or to maintain and 'modernize' it.  Included in the latter were use of the better-looking ttk widgets and of tabbed windows and panels in a single window app.  Core developers decided to keep IDLE and encourage more maintenance.  They approved in principle using ttk and other major changes in principle but did not immediately approve the necessary compatibility breaks.

KunYu: I wrote the roadmap draft to help two new contributors, and any the follow.  I only gave as much history as I thought relevant to new contributors. In particular, IDLE development is exempt from two normal limitations:  we can backport enhancements, and I am currently backporting all patches to 3.6; we can and are refactoring modules and changing their API (which requires changing calls in other modules).  People should know that these are exceptions so that they don't propose the same for other modules.  I should emphasize this more than I did before.

Louie: Question 1. I intend Roadmap.txt to be an overview of the main goals, each of which will require multiple patches (like 20 or more).  The good ideas in TODO.txt that are not already implemented, issues, or items on my patch-oriented list should be added to my list.

Question 2. Currently, each window is limited to one hard-coded master frame, which has no independent existence as a separate class.  What can one do with one window?  In Shell, execute code entered by key or pasting.  In Editor, edit and save code.  To edit and run, one must have at least two windows.  In contrast, modern browsers have multiple tabs with multiple panes. The original browsers, developed about the same time as tcl/tk, did not.  (One can still choose to open each page in a separate window, or choose multiple windows each with multiple tabs.)  Similarly, at least some modern editors also have multiple tabs.  I use Notepad++ for text files and read-only code review because of this.
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