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Date 2017-06-27.12:02:24
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I backported almost all regrtest features from master to 2.7. It should ease the development on Python 2.7 ;-)

I added a NEWS entry, thanks Serhiy for the reminder. Hopefully, with NEWS.d/ and blurb, we will get much less conflicts on NEWS entries now ;-)

I'm aware of a last bug: "./python -m test -R 3:3 test_regrtest" hangs on Windows, but I'm quite sure that it comes test_crashed() which opens a popup and I'm working on a fix. Anyway, I already opened a specific issue for that: bpo-30705.

It was a long journey (2 months), but I'm now quite happy to get a much features-full regrtest on Python 2.7!

Spoiler: You can also expect my bisect tool in next weeks in Python 2.7 as well ;-)
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