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Date 2017-06-26.15:20:29
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Thanks for this PR Louie, adding count to the pdb commands is useful.

With gdb a very common use case is to set a breakpoint where the code runs very frequently and when only interested in the N(th) execution of this code, to enter the breakpoint command list:

(gdb) commands
Type commands for breakpoint(s) 1, one per line.
End with a line saying just "end".
>continue <N - 1>

PR 2399 does not handle this case for pdb:
* The 'count' option for the 'continue' command is not implemented.
* The implementation of the 'count' option for 'next' and 'step' does not handle breakpoint command lists (I think).
IMO it is difficult to handle this option for breakpoint command lists directly in, but it could be done in, adding a keyword argument to set_continue() et al.
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