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Author vstinner
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Date 2017-06-26.13:44:40
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If I understood corretly, the problem is that the Python C signal handler is not reentrant because it calls Py_AddPendingCall() which uses a lock and a list.

Before, the signal handler queued a new call to checksignals_witharg() (which just calls PyErr_CheckSignals()) for each received signal. Now, we only queue a single call to checksignals_witharg().

To prevent reentrency issues, can't we hardcoded a call to PyErr_CheckSignals() in ceval.c when SIGNAL_PENDING_CALLS() is called?

Py_AddPendingCall() feature is rarely used, it's mostly used for processing signals, no? Calling PyErr_CheckSignals() when no signal was received is cheap, so it shouldn't hurt.
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