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Date 2017-06-24.07:48:58
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Some thoughts based on discussion with Armin in #pypy:

It turns out if you simply delete the LocalsToFast and FastToLocals calls in call_trampoline, then the test suite still passes. I'm pretty sure that pdb relies on this as a way to set local variables, though, so I think this is probably more of a bug in the test suite than anything else.

In some ways, it seems like the most attractive fix to this would be to have the Python-level locals() and frame.f_locals return a dict proxy object whose __setitem__ writes any mutations back to both the fast array and the real frame->f_locals object, so that LocalsToFast becomes unnecessary. As Armin points out, though, that would definitely be a semantic change: there may be code out there that relies on locals() returning a dict – technically it doesn't have to return a dict even now, but it almost always does – or that assumes it can mutate the locals() array without that affecting the function. I think this would arguably be a *good* thing; it would make the behavior of locals() and f_locals much less confusing in general. But he's right that it's something we can only consider for 3.7.

The only more-compatible version I can think of is: before calling the trace function, do FastToLocals, and also make a "shadow copy" of all the cellvars and freevars. Then after the trace function returns, when copying back from LocalsToFast, check against these shadow copies, and only write back cellvars/freevars that the trace function actually modified (where by modified we mean 'old is not new', just a pointer comparison). Since most functions have no cellvars or freevars, and since we would only need to do this when there's a Python-level trace function active, this shouldn't add much overhead. And it should be compatible enough to backport even to 2.7, I think.
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