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Date 2017-06-23.22:47:52
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I reviewed IDLE issues with patches.  I will post my updated issues list on the roadmap issue, #30422.  Of relevance to this issue is that config related patches are split between config, configdialog, and config_key, and limited to 3 or 4 each.

I decided that we should start with a reduced version of PR 2307 focused on the caps names to no-caps name changes.  I evaluated other proposed changes on their likelihood of creating merge conflicts. Details are included in a new review of PR 2307.

It should be too difficult to make the same caps to no-caps changes in existing patch files, whether by hand or script.  First consider a TitleCase name, beginning with a cap.  We assume that it is a class or a name from another module unless discovered or indicated otherwise.  Any name following 'def' is not a class.  A file can be scanned once to find all function names defined in a module.  I did not see any local or non-function attribute TitleCase names.

We can assume that camelCase names are not class names and should change unless specified otherwise.  The change can be be dict lookup or the repacement rule: 'X' to '_X'.  Attached is a file specifying camelCase names that should not be changed or that have a custom replacement.  TitleCase names can also have custom replacements.
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