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Date 2017-06-22.20:03:07
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Yes, I intend to add the expanded list, further edited, to the roadmap, or something not tied to one issue.  I should add changing messagebox and font imports.

Except for switching to ttk widgets, the changes listed are invisible to users.  The purpose of these changes is to make it easier to make changes that are visible, that improve the user experience, without introducing regressions (the second reason tests are needed).  So once we make the invisible changes in a file, we should look at making visible changes in the same file.

Having re-written help_about *and* the tests, we can and logically should proceed to visible changes.  I reviewed the patch for #24813 and identified 6 independent changes.  I want to do 1, 3, 4, and likely 2.  I added a note for you there.

For existing patches, new tests help, code changes hinder.  We face tradeoffs and chicken-and-egg problems constantly.  For config_key, I decided that patches for both #6739 and #21519 should be applied, with revision and tests, in that order.  I added a note to #6739 about making a PR.  Try it if you like.

I think this issue should remain on hold until I look more at existing patches.

The 'F3' typo/bug was noted in 2014 in msg220625 but was not fixed or added to the existing patch.  Doing something was better ;-).  In the future, in a similar situation, you could add a trivial PR and request me to review.
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