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Date 2017-06-22.11:51:21
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Hi Terry,

I don't have a script for the renaming.  Since I was reading the code for the docstrings at the same time, I just made the changes as I went along.  However, my primary intent is to save you time and work, not cause more, so I will prepare the information requested.  Is the best format a txt file?  Or should it be a dictionary mapping that can be fed into a replace?  Please let me know.

I'm still trying to figure out what changes to include in a pull request, so it's helpful to have these steps defined.  I realize I shouldn't have included the change to the keys file with this request, but I was just thinking that I didn't want to forget about it and I included it with the add.

For PR2307, should I separate the docstrings into a separate PR or do you want to let this one go as is?

Would it be helpful to post msg296603 and the roadmap on idle-dev?  I had also worked on this as part of the roadmap for modernizing code.  I don't really have a clear picture of the current patches that you want to apply.  You're so well organized, maybe you can share your specific goals for existing patches?  For example, if you know there are 2 config_keys patches that are ready to go, but might need some testing, then I can help with that (if there was some way for me to help).  That way I can focus on the parts of the project that would help you most without causing undue extra work.  I saw the roadmap as a TODO list of things that needed patches without realizing some of the issues already had patches.

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