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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2017-06-21.06:41:23
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Also adding Ned to the nosy list, since it's ultimately his call as the 3.6 release manager.

Ned: the context here is that we just landed an improvement to the custom error message for Py2-style print syntax that also says how to fix the problem, rather than just reporting it.

That's technically a new feature, but I'd like to backport it to 3.6 anyway (akin to the 3.4 backport of the original custom error message), as I believe it will make a meaningful usability difference for folks inadvertently running Py2 only code on Python 3.

My specific interest here is the 3.6 stack in Fedora, so we *could* handle this as a downstream patch, but it seems harmless enough that it makes more sense to make the change for everyone, rather than just us.
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