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Author knzsys
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Date 2017-06-21.06:11:35
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just an example, how the pack function behaves with the same format string:

before: 13830108be00cafe....3e05ecbc5138000000043c9be14125359541bf338044000000007452e041.....
after:  13830108be00cafe....3e05ecbc51380000000400003c9be14125359541bf338044000000007452e041....

the pack function inserts 2 0x00 bytes at byte pos 62.

which means the first f item converts to 0x0000AABBCCDD instead to 0xAABBCCDD (float value AABBCCDD is an example).
if the formatstring starts with f it converts to 0xAABBCCDD.

Why this strange behavior?
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