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Thanks.  This is helpful and got me started thinking.

I don't want to duplicate the reference doc too much, but a reference is just that, a reference.  The menu items are discussed in the order they appear, not the order a beginner might use the most common ones.

Judging from Stackoverflow questions, covering platform specifics is needed.  People seem to miss the following: Python runs IDLE; IDLE hands user code to Python to execute.  Output and error messages come from Python, not IDLE.  If you want python to import 3rd party modules, one must install the module for the Python used to run IDLE.  (I have answered at least 3 variations of this question.) Anyway, I realize that I have a source of frequent beginner questions and problems.  If we have answers in a How-To, I can quote and suggest that people read it.

Amit, do you wish to continue with this?
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