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Note that the coercion logic includes a runtime check to see if 'setlocale(LC_CTYPE, "<locale_name>")' succeeds. That's how we skip over the non-existent C.UTF-8 and C.utf8 to get to "LC_CTYPE=UTF-8" on Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

That *appears* to work (and really does work on Mac OS X as far as CPython's test suite is concerned), but on FreeBSD we subsequently get the CODESET failure when we try to call `nl_langinfo` later in the interpreter startup process.

Victor's suggestion, which seems reasonable to me, is that we could also add the `nl_langinfo` call in the coercion logic, so that we never implicitly configure a locale setting that breaks nl_langinfo.

That way, instead of the interpreter failing to start, we'd just skip the locale coercion logic in that case (and update the test suite's expectations accordingly).
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