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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2017-06-15.09:23:53
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To get the new PEP 538 tests passing on Mac OS X (see [1,2]), I ended up having to skip the following test scenarios:

    LANG=UTF-8 (behaves like LANG=C, *not* LC_CTYPE=UTF-8)
    LANG=POSIX (behaves like a distinct locale is set, not LANG=C)
    LC_CTYPE=POSIX (behaves like a distinct locale is set, not LANG=C)
    LC_ALL=POSIX (behaves like a distinct locale is set, not LANG=C)

However, I'm not sure whether that should be diagnosed as a pure testing problem, where we change the test's expectations to match the current behaviour, or a bug in the PEP 538 implementation, where we should be updating it to produce the behaviour that the tests were originally expecting.

[2] )
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