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Author Alexandru Ardelean
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Date 2017-06-14.07:42:43
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You guys are more corporate than... <scratching on forehead>... anyway.

Please tell me, how to send you my signed CLA.
Not sure if posting the link or PDF is fine here, but I'd be fine with that too.

To resolve your first 2 notes: I am not using the imp module, nor the imp.load_package() function.
I did see it was marked DEPRECATED.

But, virtualenv uses it in it's latest release [15.1.0].
This is from trunk:

But that's not the actual code that's used.
Seems virtualenv, has a twisted way of keeping Python code base64 encoded & zipped within the script.

So, maybe we can tell them not to use it, but let's see.
In my case, I just have a bug report [I was notified via email directly], that this is an issue with Python3 + virtualenv on LEDE & OpenWrt.
Python + virtualenv is not affected.

While I'm here, maybe I could use this opportunity to start sending a few more patches from the OpenWrt/LEDE package build.
But let's see how we resolve the legal matter first.
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