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I do not see this as a matter of performance but as a matter of usability. Basically, CPython could do just fine with just a single catch-all calling convention that packs all pos/kw arguments into C arguments and passes them over, leaving it entirely to the callee to handle them. Why does it not do that? Because it's cumbersome for the callee to analyse what kind of arguments it received and how to handle them.

A surprisingly large number of functions take only a single argument, that's why METH_O exists. Many functions take no keyword arguments, that's why VARARGS and KEYWORDS are separate options. The same should apply to FASTCALL. Also with that, many implementors will not want to care about keyword arguments and would thus appreciate it if they didn't have to. Forcing them to test for keyword arguments and raising the correct error for it (with the correct and consistent message) seems an entirely unnecessary imposition.
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